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Old Chapter newsletters from 2002 are now posted. Click on ‘Archived Articles / Travelogs’. See what some of looked like 14 years ago, and what we were up to.

The Oshkosh event is something you have to experience to appreciate. The endless rows of airplanes, miles of ground to cover, and thousands of people provide an extraordinary experience. Trying to see everything scattered over several square miles can be tiring and stressful. But apparently not so much for our Chapter 1189 bunch, who seem very relaxed in photo below: (Probably watching the air show).

OSH ph 2016 017

For more Oshkosh photos see Photo Gallery.


Beech Muskateer for sale. Local. Click on ‘For Sale’ in Main Menu.

Recently noted aircraft photographer Graham Robson visited Pontotoc. Chapter member Aubie Pearman flew his yellow bird and Glen Inman (Marlin Inman in right seat) flew the red one in an extensive photo shoot. David Duncan flew the photo ship. See more of the spectacular pictures in the Photo Gallery.


We had a very good turnout Saturday at Paul Spurgeons’

After I  landed in the Taylorcraft, five out of the seven airplanes there at that time were taildraggers. A very few minutes later the ratio was 7/9. Later more nose-draggers came in. The total airplanes flying in was more than 20. The more than 80 attendees (including kids) seemed to enjoy the food and fellowship. We were glad to see our Chapter’s namesake, Alan Henley, present. See more photos in Photo Gallery.

P1020468Small P1020486Small


 (From Chapter member Gill Deshongh:)

Dudley Bearden, Cecil Boswell and myself flew to Madison to attend this event today, it was well worth the effort. Today’s event about the Vietnam Era and four speakers shared their experiences. Last month the meeting focused on the P-40 Tomahawk a WW II fighter. They have a different focus each month. A man from the National CAF made a presentation and the 10 year plan to move the CAF from Midland to Dallas which was very impressive.
This event was well planned and informative and future events will be well worth the effort to attend.

Photo Below:

UH-1 Huey Pilot
Col D.I. Smith, USA (Ret)
  • 30 Year Veteran of the US Army
    • 550 Hours UH-1 in Vietnam
  • Retired Nov 1999
  • Currently Alderman at large, Ridgeland, MS.
  • Recipient of:
    • Legion of Merit (w/Oak Leaf Cluster)
    • Bronze Star (w/Oak Leaf Cluster)
    • Service Medal (w/Silver Leaf Cluster)
    • Air Medal (Numeral 10)
    • Army Commendation Medal (w/Oak Leaf Cluster)


West Point May 28, 2016

West Point May 28, 2016

More than fifty attendees enjoyed boiled crawfish at West Point on May 28. There must have been more than 20 airplanes flying in. An ‘official’ count will be included in the minutes, to be posted later. Tommy Reed and helpers worked hard to get everything ready, including the crawfish. Tommy and Gina’s sons Lane and Luke manned the two golf carts, shuttling people from parked cars and airplanes.

Minutes of the meeting are now posted.


A Look back in time: Aeronca Champ at Baldwyn, MS in early fifties.

We used to go out to the little sod strip on Saturday and Sunday afternoons to watch the airplanes take off and land. I thought pilots were almost super-human. Here is Bill Parton, one of the pioneering pilots of the area. The gentleman in the white shirt is Walter Greene, our rural mail carrier. John Melvin Duke recalls that his dad owned the Champ. He traded a jeep and a “some amount of cash” for it (I’ll bet it wasn’t much). John Melvin remembers the Champ was yellow with the teardrop-shaped stripe painted red.

(Thanks to Carl Houston and the Baldwyn Bearcat blog for the photo.)

Bill Parton and Walter GreeneEdit

Booneville-Baldwyn, April 30, 2016

Booneville-Baldwyn, April 30, 2016. Thanks to Alan Warfield for arrangements (and for this photo)


Steven Stopler’s photograph showing Carey Hardin (#469), John Laughter (#515), Jim Ratliff (#130) and Vic Syracuse (#393) in formation over Pensacola Beach during Veterans Flight 2015 is the back cover of the February 2016 issue of the Stearman Restorers Association magazine.stearmans


Aero English receiving Master Pilot Award from FAA Representative Larry Wells on April 11.

Top photo: Well-known pilot and Chapter 1189 member Aero English receiving the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award from FAA Representative Larry Wells on Saturday, April 11. We also heard an entertaining speech from former Astronaut and retired Brig. General Robert Stewart.

Aero also received recognition from the Monroe County Board of Supervisors. And Aubie Pearman read Mississippi House Resolution 135 commending Aero for his long service in the State. These formalities were preceded by an Honor Guard presentation of the Colors and the singing of our National Anthem. We had a very good turnout, with about 30 airplanes flying in. See more photos under ‘Photo Gallery’.

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