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Chapter member Carey Hardin doesn’t limit his “Young Eagle” flights to just young people. He is proud to have taken this retired Eagle for a ride in his Stearman. What a privilege.
“One of the great highlights of this year was the opportunity to fly four WWII veterans just prior to the Blues Beach Show in Pensacola. Only returned with a photo of one of these fine men, Mr. Paul McClain, who celebrated his 101st birthday four days later. What a national treasure these veterans are and what a privilege to fly with them.”
Below: Large group of Young Eagles and pilots on June 17. See more photos in Photo Gallery.
(Click here to see an appreciative note sent by one of the young people who got to fly with the group.)
More than 40 showed up this past Saturday at Paul Spurgeon’s Place; all drove in because of the recent rain. See more photos in Photo Gallery.





The weather forecast for last Saturday, March 25 was very accurate: Rain. In spite of that, about 35 showed up, all in land-based vehicles. We devoured most of the crawfish Tommy Reed prepared.

Food experts say color is important for overall enjoyment of good food. A crawfish boil is probably the most colorful of the food we eat at our Chapter 1189 events. Tommy worked like a Trojan to prepare these. He even made the tables, complete with a 5-gallon bucket in the center for the cast-off part of the crawfish. There was also potatoes, carrots, corn-on-the-cob, sausages, and onion in the mix. It was all very good. See more photos in Photo Gallery.

The next Chapter event is lunch and an FAA Safety Seminar at Booneville-Baldwyn (8M1) at 10:00 on April 22.


It was a cold and windy February morning at M40, but those good panckes and sausage and bacon, with coffee and orange juice made it worth it. Several flew in and the rest drove like I did. See the events calendar to see some changes to our fly-in schedule.

Below: Maj. John Cotman talked to us about the busy airspace around Columbus Air Force Base.

 Below: The breakfast crowd


I was unable to attend the Paccar Tour on January 28. But it looks like there was a good turnout,  according to Thomas Sippel’s photos below.

 Photo above shows part of the crowd at the December 10 Christmas party. Attendance was down a bit from last year; there were about 55 present. Emery Gary from Amory joined the Chaper; current membership is now 116.

Joel Graber made an interesting presentation on his western trip in the RV-10. Presentations were made by Thomas Sippel to the Chapter officers. J.W. Bruce gave a pilot’s rendition of ‘Twas the night before Christmas’, and Thomas showed a video of a trip to Dauphine Island in his RV. Photos by David Johnson can be seen in the Photo Gallery.

Below is a photo of Col. Lowell Scales’Lancair 320 that he built, sent in by David Johnson.


It was completed in 1997. According to the FAA Aircraft  registry site (See link below) it is now registered in Dothan, AL. 


Below: Doug Dollar walking past giant dragline at the Mississippi Lignite Mining Company Mine near Ackerman Saturday. About 27 showed up for the tour. Thanks to Chapter member Terry Teer for the arrangements.


Mississippi Lignite Mining Company – North American Coal Corporation



Minutes from Saturday’s meeting are posted under “Minutes”.



Above: Chapter member Richard Justice unloading his load of coats in Juncture City, Kansas.

See Thomas Sippel’s interesting write-up with photos. Choose ‘Archived Newsletters; Articles / Travelogs’ from Main Menu.

Long Haul

Thomas Sippel, Richard Justice, and Lynn Havens had to take the coats donated for needy children in South Dakota all the way to Junction City, Kansas last Saturday. The plan had been for our EAA Chapter to deliver them to Mountain Home, AR, and the Chapter there would take them to Kansas, relay fashion. But the Mountain Home group was unable to make the flight so our guys flew the coats to Kansas.


We had what looked like a record-setting crowd at the Lee place last Saturday. Gill Deshongh and I tried to count heads; we agreed that there were close to 100 people in attendance, counting friends and helpers. The Lee family is to be commended again for the excellent food. The fish and those desserts stand out in my mind.

In addition to our own Chapter 1189 members there were four men from EAA Chapter 822 in Wetumpka, Alabama (Montgomery area).  Chapter President Stan Tew flew the Rans S-7, with Kirk Harrel as passenger. Bill griffin flew the Legend Cub, with Dan Horton as passenger. Dan, by the way, writes for Kitplanes magazine. Someone flew in from the Memphis area in an AirCam. The rest of the flock was the usually assortment of Cessnas and Pipers and Cubs (lots of cubs) and several RV’s and a Harmon Rocket. Taildraggers included a Stinson, Aeronca Chief, at least one Citabria, and a Taylorcraft, in addition to several of the RV’s and the Rocket which are taildraggers. See photos in Photo Gallery.


This was just part of the lunch crowd.

Many paid their dues Saturday, which are due now. If you didn’t you can mail in your $20 to Treasurer Jason Cantrell. His address can be found under ‘About Us’, the top menu item on the right.


Old Chapter newsletters are now posted. There are about 76 of them in all. Click on ‘Archived Newsletters; Articles / Travelogs’. See what some of us looked like several years ago, and what we were up to.


The Oshkosh event is something you have to experience to appreciate. The endless rows of airplanes, miles of ground to cover, and thousands of people provide an extraordinary experience. Trying to see everything scattered over several square miles can be tiring and stressful. But apparently not so much for our Chapter 1189 bunch, who seem very relaxed in photo below: (Probably watching the air show).

OSH ph 2016 017

For more Oshkosh photos see Photo Gallery.

Beech Muskateer for sale. Local. Click on ‘For Sale’ in Main Menu.

Recently noted aircraft photographer Graham Robson visited Pontotoc. Chapter member Aubie Pearman flew his yellow bird and Glen Inman (Marlin Inman in right seat) flew the red one in an extensive photo shoot. David Duncan flew the photo ship. See more of the spectacular pictures in the Photo Gallery.


We had a very good turnout Saturday at Paul Spurgeons’

After I  landed in the Taylorcraft, five out of the seven airplanes there at that time were taildraggers. A very few minutes later the ratio was 7/9. Later more nose-draggers came in. The total airplanes flying in was more than 20. The more than 80 attendees (including kids) seemed to enjoy the food and fellowship. We were glad to see our Chapter’s namesake, Alan Henley, present. See more photos in Photo Gallery.