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Below: Aubie Pearman grillin’ some cheese sandwiches to add to the chicken chili we had for lunch at our November meeting.  Thanks to all who helped put this event together and to those who attended.

Once again, the weather turned sour on us for our November meeting in Pontotoc, MS.  Nevertheless, there was still good food and fellowship had by all who were in attendance.  We had 20 individuals arrive, and one airplane “fly-in” by Aubie Pearman and it sure grabbed our attention!  See if you can guess what it was.  More pictures will be added to the photo gallery soon.


Despite very few who flew in, there was still a good turnout for the Monroe County fly-in.  The weather turned very chilly on us, but fun was still had by all!  Thanks to David Johnson for sending in some pictures from the event.  You can see them in the photo gallery.  If anyone has any more pictures, please send them to me and I will add them to the gallery.


Chapter member Bob Otondo sent in a flier showing a 1/3 ownership offer for a Cherokee 150 at STF. Click here for PDF file showing photos and details.
I am told that 89 attended the fly-in at the Lee Place Saturday. For only the second time since the Lees have hosted the event I was unable to attend. Eighteen airplanes and 89 people attended. We’ll look forward to some pictures from those who were there. See ‘Minutes From Meetings’ for in the Main Menu.
Below: Scenes from last year at the Lee Place.
Taylorcraft BC-12D for sale at West Point. See ‘For Sale’ link in Main Menu for more info.
There was a good turnout at Monroe County Airport on August 26, with several visitors, some of which joined the Chapter. As usual the M40 bunch did a great job preparing the breakfast. We will post updates soon on this site of additions to our future meeting sites. Jerry Petty and Jason Cantrell presented information about the ADS-B equipment which can now be installed at Deep South Aerospace in Okolona.
We welcome the following new members to EAA Chapter 1189: Dr. Victor Pang, Larry Farris, Jim Corban (joined a few weeks ago), Dave Leonard, and Jerry Petty.
See ‘Minutes’ in Main Menu.
At least three Chapter 1189 members posted photos on Facebook from Airventure 2017. Alan Warfield posted photo below. See others, by Alan, J.W. Bruce, and Carey Hardin in Photo Gallery.

Chapter member Carey Hardin doesn’t limit his “Young Eagle” flights to just young people. He is proud to have taken this retired Eagle for a ride in his Stearman. What a privilege.
“One of the great highlights of this year was the opportunity to fly four WWII veterans just prior to the Blues Beach Show in Pensacola. Only returned with a photo of one of these fine men, Mr. Paul McClain, who celebrated his 101st birthday four days later. What a national treasure these veterans are and what a privilege to fly with them.”
Below: Large group of Young Eagles and pilots on June 17. See more photos in Photo Gallery.
(Click here to see an appreciative note sent by one of the young people who got to fly with the group.)
More than 40 showed up this past Saturday at Paul Spurgeon’s Place; all drove in because of the recent rain. See more photos in Photo Gallery.

 The weather forecast for last Saturday, March 25 was very accurate: Rain. In spite of that, about 35 showed up, all in land-based vehicles. We devoured most of the crawfish Tommy Reed prepared.

Food experts say color is important for overall enjoyment of good food. A crawfish boil is probably the most colorful of the food we eat at our Chapter 1189 events. Tommy worked like a Trojan to prepare these. He even made the tables, complete with a 5-gallon bucket in the center for the cast-off part of the crawfish. There was also potatoes, carrots, corn-on-the-cob, sausages, and onion in the mix. It was all very good. See more photos in Photo Gallery.

The next Chapter event is lunch and an FAA Safety Seminar at Booneville-Baldwyn (8M1) at 10:00 on April 22.


It was a cold and windy February morning at M40, but those good panckes and sausage and bacon, with coffee and orange juice made it worth it. Several flew in and the rest drove like I did. See the events calendar to see some changes to our fly-in schedule.

Below: Maj. John Cotman talked to us about the busy airspace around Columbus Air Force Base.

 Below: The breakfast crowd


I was unable to attend the Paccar Tour on January 28. But it looks like there was a good turnout,  according to Thomas Sippel’s photos below.